Saturday, April 11, 2009

Psalms 51

Psalms 51
(Prayer by Little Paradise)

1 Loving and Merciful God, have mercy on me… Take away my sins…
2 Forgive me so you can see me to my basicness, simpleness, and inner beauty that is underneath
3 I recognize my wrongdoing because it is in front of my face
4 Because you are my God and you are righteous, I confess before you that I am a sinner and your judgment against me is right
5 I was born prideful already. Before I was even able to sit up on my own, I already thought I was better than others
6 You want us to be honest and laid bare before you so that you can teach us who you are and who you want us to be
7 So You have to wash my stains Lord with the best cleaner so that I will be clean and white again
8 Bring me back to life… back to my senses
9 See me for who I want to be, please
10 Make me function perfectly and re-breath into me a breath that last
11 Be with me forever. Although I am a sinner, please do not take your Spirit from me lest I feel unrest
12 Let me realize the greatness of your gift of forgiveness. Open my heart so I will allow you to do what you want instead of what I want.

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