Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The United

I have been a silent observer for the longest time that the UMC church tries to settle its issues within. But all along, I know that many of the people in the church are sad about what is happening. I am one of them.

I was standing beside my dying patient in the Emergency Room last night.I cannot help but reflect about the UMC in the Philippines. Sometimes, a sick person has to die. When the disease has so spread and affected the body, medicine can only do so much. Sometimes, we don't have to prolong the agony that will not bring any benefit to the person. I wonder if the wound that has so divided the United church that i know, can still be healed? Or is the "United" part of the name of the church just like my dying patient. Where no more hope of human effort to cure is possible? Should then the United then be divided? Sometimes, the dying needs to die. Sometimes when the United can no longer be united, they divide. Sad but true.

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