Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013

New Year's Day is a crossroad. It is a moment where you look back at the past or look forward to the future. It is easier to choose the path of the future if you are looking at an ugly past. The only rational thing to do is look at the future. Yet, sometimes the ugly past can haunt us and left us stranded in that place. Yet, a glorious past can also be unhelpful. We might tend to dwell to much on the good things that happened in the past and never leave that place. This will leave us again stranded if not keep going back in the past.

The road towards the future might seem to be the only road to choose. Perhaps, but looking forward too much in the road leads us to neglect the present path we are taking.

This New Year, the important thing is to keep on moving. The past may be ugly or glorious but we must keep on moving. The future may seem bright and so we must keep on moving not forgetting the present path we take.

As we stand in the crossroad of January 1, let us keep moving.

Happy New Year.

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