Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Different Encounter with God this December

December is always unique and special. Yesterday, I had a different encounter with God. We went to the House of Refuge but it was not a church. There were songs of praise and worship but there were also sounds of laughter and joy. There were children all around and some adults too. Anywhere I looked, God was there.

Yesterday, December 8, 2013, we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday in an orphanage. There were more than 20 boys and girls in that orphanage. We prayed, we sang, they danced, we ate good food and we had fun.

I was amazed by the ministry of this place. There were three house mothers taking care of all these little children, nurturing them and taking care of them. But they said a whole community of faith, the Bread of Life, showers them the love and support that they may grow according to God's plan for them.

The place is three storey's high and has rooms for girls and boys. They provide enough space for them to play. They have enough food for each kid. They can eat nutritious food three times a day. The children go to school. And they get enough school supply for them to do well. The place is amazingly decent considering it is run mostly from charity and donations. I was just blessed how this place can minister to children for decades now with support from the faith community. I can only imagine the dedication and the commitment of the loving people who showed the fruits of their faith.

I reflect back on the many big organized churches scattered around the world, yes, UMC one of them. I know our churches have made great advances in educating children with our pioneering work in kindergarten school. But I know there are people who have hearts to have a ministry with the orphans. I know KKFI ministers with street children. But I have yet to encounter a single local church who has a ministry for orphaned kids. I have yet to see a SEC recognized institution ministering to children supported by a single local church. I know there must be one out there. If not, will your church have the heart to start one?

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