Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thank you from the Philippines

The Philippines is one in showing gratitude to the whole world for their solidarity and support to us.

Three months after the biggest Typhoon of 2013 hit the Philippines, we are slowly recovering.

I could not forget the gratitude of the Barangay Captain in an isolated town in Leyte when we came to visit them. He was so thankful for the simple presence of our group. When all the other towns and barangays were getting support, the people in their community were wondering if help will ever come. I could see his face lit up when he saw our group. He said that their isolation for several days made him wonder if people care about them. That was why he was happy for the simple fact that people are coming their way to see how they are doing. "We felt God's love through your presence."

It is indeed a great blessing to know that people care for you. Just knowing that people are concerned about your situation is already something to be grateful. A simple, "kumusta?" goes a long way. The outpouring of support is overwhelming.  The Filipino people are resilient because they have felt God did not leave them and still love them through the people who were willing channels of blessing.

More than the material support, the time and the effort we have received, the care and love you have shown is most appreciated.

To the biggest companies, governments or charitable organization up to the little kid who broke his piggy bank and the children who wrote their prayers for the Philippines... Thank you.

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