Friday, December 19, 2014

Welcome to the Children's Christmas Party

Welcome to the Annual Christmas Party of Joy Kiddy Garden Learning Center. 

This event is very important and special for our kids and for our family. It has actually become a sort of family tradition. We have been coming to this party every year for the last four years because my kids are here. Two years ago, my daughter Neya and her friend Ayela were the ones singing. This year my son Ken and his classmates are celebrating Christmas. Next year and the following years, my pamangkin will still be here so andito pa rin kami. So it is like a family tradition. Speaking of tradition, the Simbang gabi every 5 o’clock here in the church is another tradition that I invite you to attend. Lalo na bukas, because joy Kiddy is the host. Lalo na at guapo daw ang speaker bukas. Artistahin.

I would like to share a story as a reminder of what our Christmas party is all about...
Once upon a time, there were two siblings - a little princess and a little prince who was invited to a birthday party of a king. They were so excited to go to the party because they know it was going to be fun, with lots of games, singing, dancing, yummy foods, and they know that the prince will also give away gifts to those who will attend the party. The boy prince was excited what will be the games in the party? How will he win the games? Will there be good prizes for the games? The little princess was also excited with the party. She wants to wear her pretty dress going to the party. She wants to dance and sing. She was also curious what will be the gifts the baby king will give to them for attending the party. They enjoyed so much the party that they were excited for the party again next year and the following year and the following year.

At the end of the party, the king said he will give away special gifts to his friends who attended the party. The king said he will give mansion castle/house and lot to all his friends. And so the prince and the princess were excited because they participated in all the events in the party. They were pretty sure that they will receive the special gift from the king.

So, the king was giving away the gifts to his friends, and then the prince and the princess came to the king ready to receive their gifts of a new mansion castle. But the king, asked them, who are you? Are you my friends? The prince said, your friends are my friends. I joined them to celebrate your party and I also played the games and won prizes. We are friends. The princess said, I came to your birthday party in my prettiest dress and I dance and sing and had fun in your party, we are friends.  But the king said, I don’t know you. Even if you celebrate and join my party during my birthday, you did not bother to know me. You never talked to me, you never came to me and greeted me, you never played with me, you never approached me. How can I be your friend? Coming to my party and enjoying it does not make you my friends. You should approach me, talk to me, play with me, build a relationship with me, that’s what makes friendship.  A birthday party only becomes special celebration and fun if you are friends with the birthday celebrant.

As we have our Christmas party, I hope that each one of us here are friends with the birthday celebrant – the king of kings and lord of lord, Jesus. Merry Christmas and I hope we will all have a fun and special celebration with this Christmas party.   

Thank you and God bless.

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