Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Heart Breaker

My wife asked me if I am affected by the current crisis in the United Methodist Church in the Philippines. I said, " I am affected because I am saddened with how it affects and destroys the church and the innocent people." No Christian in his/her right mind would enjoy the crisis in the church that has been dragging on for months now.

One only needs to look and read in the Facebook page of Pinoy Metodista to see the picture of a broken church. People throwing mud at each other. Reminds me of the woman and the crowd who wants to stone her to death. When the crowd was challenged that whosoever who has no sin cast the first stone, no one dared. I thought, if that challenged was uttered today, the poor woman may have died in just a few seconds. (Considering there are too many self-righteous Methodist Christians today)

The never ending Open Letters from different parties has now become an exciting drama that thrills the spectators of the next scene. We now await for another Open Letter response. I can only pray that there will be a good ending for this sad story.

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