Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why Celebrate a Birthday?

Today is my wife's birthday. We celebrated it by spending the whole day in a place that rejuvenates the body. A place where there is plenty of life giving water. We went to a place where we can celebrate life. I thank God for the gift of life that she gave to my wife. She has been a blessing not only to me but also to her family, her friends and to countless other people. If only for that, there is more than enough reasons why her birthday should be a big celebration.

I have always wondered why some people do not celebrate their birthdays. I often asked them if they ever understand the meaning of celebration... if they ever appreciate their life... if they were grateful to God for the gifts they received. I guess too many people take for granted the precious gift that God gave them. If only for that reason, then that is enough to celebrate birthdays.

Life is a precious gift. God gave his only begotten Son, to die on the cross, that each one of us may have life. Life itself is a reason for celebration. You may say, that is spiritual life. The birth of a person may seem to be a biological life different from the spiritual life. (Again, the dichotomy.) The life at birth and the life offered in the cross was given as a gift from God at the moment of inception. We may choose to throw away this gift but it will remain precious to God.

If only we can learn to see from God's perspective how precious our lives are, then everyday, we have a reason to celebrate... to celebrate Birthdays.

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