Monday, April 1, 2013

Another Life

As another year is added to our lives, we celebrate the blessings we received. As we start new careers, we reflect if this is what we want to do for the rest of our lives. We are always thankful to God for giving us this life and the opportunities we had with it. But what if we have many lives?

What if like the cats we have nine lives? What if God has given us a thousand lives? Just like the video games we play. You get to have another chance - another life when you mess up this. What would you do or not do?

We have often asked ourselves, if we could re-do our lives this is what I would have done. We have often imagined, if I would have another life, then this is how I would do it. We have dreams of how we should have lived our lives if we knew better. We could think, I would have tried to be a politician and become President of a country. We could have thought that we would have tried crazy things and not fear of dying because another life will come. We could not care of committing sinful ways because another chance will be given by another life. So, if we have another life other than this, we would have done differently.

If you are living a Christian life today, dedicating your life to God, what would you do to the other life that will be given to you? Or would you plan to do other staff and reserve your last life in living that Christian life. Maybe, become a good businessman and save enough millions to live a comfortable life instead of foregoing the rich opportunity by being a community development worker? Or maybe practice your profession as a healthcare worker and earn big money from your patients instead of receiving your daily bread as a missionary in another country? Or maybe go to church less on Sundays and make those important graduate studies during weekends that will earn you a magna cum laude in your  university.

Are you so scared to lose your life now because you want to accomplish everything  in this one life God has given you? But if you have nine or a thousand lives, you could care less. You don't need to exercise eveyday and instead smoke your self to death and drink every night and day because you still have another life to live. You just concentrate in making enough money for your family for this life and worry later about serving God on your next 8 lives. You don't have to cram all your dreams and hopes for this one life because you can accomplish the others in your succeeding lives.

Or will you give all your lives to God? Will you continue to make God your top priority every life you get? Will you always choose church over school? Will you always choose ministry over money? Will you always choose Christian vocation over worldly profession?  Will you always put God at the center over family and job? Will you always deny yourself and follow God?

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