Monday, April 29, 2013

Remembering God for a Memorable Birthday

I was in the hospital today early in the morning. My wife has an appointment with her doctor today. While waiting for her turn to be called, I had to go around the hospital to set her needed laboratory procedures, line up in the cashier and have her listed. Then, amidst my busy task, I bumped into my old friend, Hershey, who is one of the doctors in the hospital. She was smiling from ear to ear so I thought she might be so happy to see me or she might have some good news to share. When she approached, she greeted me, "Happy birthday, Neki." I was surprised.

I almost forgot that today is my birthday. Amidst all the troubles and the busy thoughts bothering my mind, I almost forgot that today is my birthday. It's not that I wasn't anticipating it. I just got pre occupied with many things that I almost forgot.

But I did had a lot of things to do. After, the consult with the doctor, we had to run to Philhealth to update our record. Then to the school to enroll by eldest child. Then go back to the hospital to get all the lab results. After all that, I just wanted to spend some time to relax in the mall. More like cooling down from all the summer heat.

Dinner with my family was in a videoke room. That was perfect way to celebrate all of God's goodness this year despite the challenges that we have faced. I almost forgot my birthday, and that would have meant forgetting all the goodness and faithfulness of God to us this year. Seating and reflecting for a couple of hours during birthdays, allows us to remember the goodness and all the blessings God has given. Remembering God makes it a memorable birthday.

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