Friday, July 5, 2013

God is journeying with me this month

For the last two months, I have been traveling around the country attending meetings and participating in workshops. I often travel alone. Wait... No, God is with me in my every journey. Sometimes, when we are so immersed with work we often do not recognize God in our midst.

We need to be intentional. I need to be able to recognize God in all the activities I will be attending this month and the months to come. Recognizing the presence of God in all the things that we do is a virtue that we Christians should always practice.

So in the next weeks, I will share where I have seen God in the activities that I will attend. Watch out for them on:
- July 7 The Education Forum
- July 14 Spiritual Nurture of Children
- July 21 Design, Monitoring and Evaluation
- July 28 Intensive Training

I hope that you will journey with me and also see God in the places I go. My prayer for you, that you will also recognize God in the places you go.

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