Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Man of Steel

Superman and Jesus. Those two words should never come together. But I just can't resist the allegory, especially in the newest version of Superman in the big screen.

One particular scene that I love is when Superman was in a dilemma on whether he would give up himself to save the world from being destroyed by the evil Kryptons. Superman went to the Church to seek guidance from the priest on what he should do. In one of the frames, there was a close-up shot of Superman struggling against himself while in the background is the stained glass image of Jesus praying in Gethsemane. How dramatic and cinematic can it get?

Superman is in so many ways points to the values of Jesus. And I always begin with this point with most young people who are more familiar with the iconic Superman than the characters in the Bible. Superman is not like any other super hero like Spiderman or Batman. Superman is not like most super heroes who starts as a regular human being who accidentally meets a freak accident that becomes the reason one gains superhuman strength. Superman is from the beginning "not of this world." Superman is "not one of us but he dwelt among us." Superman was "the only son" of a powerful leader and he was "sent to this world to save humanity" from destruction. Despite the personal conflict he had to endure, Superman chose to do the good and "he gave up himself" to save the world. He exemplified self-sacrifice. One man - Superman, had to sacrifice his life to save the entire humanity from sure death. Superman showed what loving others more than yourself means. He "loved humanity more than his own" life, more than his own people.

Superman is fiction. Most of us hope that Superman is real. That there is an extra-ordinary guy who will help us whenever we are in trouble. But fiction imitates reality. And in real life, there is indeed an extra-ordinary man who gives us hope and helps us whenever we are in trouble. Would you like to know more about him?

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