Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tips: Notes in Relevant Christian Blogging

Here are THREE important notes that I have to remind myself when writing a Christian Blog:

1. Explode a myth.
        - Most Christians think that what they believe is a valid Christian thought, only to find out that it is a product of pop culture. This is where good Christian theology will play an important part in your blog. For example, an image of Christ is a long-haired blue-eyed male Caucasian. Then you point out that Jesus probably looks more like a sun-tanned male Arab and people are surprised. 

2. Write about everyday life.
       - "Christianity is about being spiritual and things about the soul and the unseen and the supernatural. It is not about everyday practical life." Such distorted understanding of faith is the reason Christianity does not make sense. But when you blog about how an early morning drive to work can be a Christian activity, then people understand what living a Christian life means. For example, taking a morning bath everyday is a Christian act that shows taking care of the temple of God and presenting ourselves worthy before the Lord.

3.  Share a good news.
      - We know that the "Good News" should always be shared. God's redeeming love through Jesus Christ is manifest in different ways and forms. People should recognize it through the Christians' life testimony. When you write about it, educate or inspire people. And don't forget to spell out for them the Good News. For example, it's your birthday and you want to throw a party then go ahead. But remember that your birthday is a reminder of the day God gave you life. Not only a temporary life, but life eternal through Jesus. And that precious new life given by God is worthy of celebration and praise.

These THREE simple notes to myself when writing a Christian blog helps me keep the content relevant for my readers. However, like everything else, remember to pray that what you blog glorifies God. For your reader has been prepared by God to be blessed through your blogs.


Mary J. Adams said...

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John Walker said...

"Explode a myth" is dead on. People love access to information that seems esoteric. What an odd thing!