Thursday, October 10, 2013

What to tell the parent beside you when they bottle-feed their babies during Sunday worship?

This month of October is Children's month. The theme is focused on fighting poverty through upholding Children's right. This week, I gave a short devotion on the rights of a child to the basic needs like food and healthcare. These basic rights to food and healthcare starts among infants by giving them exclusive breastfeeding for six months, not bottle-fed from milk formulas. Breastfeeding is the right of every children especially babies 0-6 months old.

Christians should be at the forefront of promoting exclusive breastfeeding simply because it is God's design. If we use properly what God has purposely designed, we are worshiping God. Simply, breastfeeding is an act of worship!

Let me highlight what Isaiah 66:11-13 assumes when it used breastfeeding as an illustration how God comforts and encourages those who faithfully worship God. The Bible tells us that breastfeeding:
-   nourishes ("nurse and be satisfied, v.11)
-   gives comfort ("be satisfied from her consoling breasts, v11)
-   supplies all the needs ("I will extend peace to her... and the wealth of the nations..., v12)
-   strengthens relationships ("be carried on her arms, v12)
-   comfort and security ("a mother comforts her child, v13)

Should churches just be a place of prayer? or should we intentionally have an area for breastfeeding mothers while they are in worship? Do you church actively advocate breastfeeding or its just another sermon on a Sunday morning? What do you tell the parent or guardian beside you when they bottle feed their babies during Sunday worship?

For some devotional materials on what the Bible says are the benefits of breastfeeding, visit:

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