Saturday, September 28, 2013

Getting Ready for Exams (What the church can do?)

How does your Church help you prepare for an exam?

There are three thing you can ask them to do.

I've got one month to go before the Diplomate Exam for Family Medicine. Many of my fellow doctors are not confident in taking the exam. They feel they have not yet prepared fully even if they have done everything in their capacity to learn as much as they can. I share their sentiment. But we can never be ready enough. First, ask them to remind you to do your part - study. (i.e."Wag mag lakwatsa - aral muna", "Aral ka lang muna - wag ka muna nood sine")

I am reminded by a pastor who once preached that faith is when you recognize that your effort will not be enough. This is where we Christians hope in God. Whenever we recognize that our efforts in studying till the wee hours of the night is not sufficient for us to be ready, our faith will carry us knowing that God will help us. Second, ask them to encourage you with uplifting words. (i.e. "Relax, don't worry", "have faith in God")

The busy schedule and the numerous activities that are lined up for me will not make me tremble. As long as I am doing my part, God will carry me through this. This is also my prayer for all my friends who are discouraged. God is sufficient to cover for whatever shortcomings we have. If God wills it, it will happen.Third, ask them to pray for you. There is strength in praying as a community.

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