Monday, September 16, 2013

What does 100 days before Christmas mean?

Today is the day when it is exactly 100 days before Christmas. This was the reminder given by the local evening news. I wonder what does that mean for many?

What does 100 days before Christmas mean? For that local news reporter, what does he mean by that when he reminded his viewers about it? My quick guess was that he was implying about the vacation that Christmas celebrations bring. Was he excited to get a break from work? Was he implying too that people get excited about the holiday celebrations? Does 100 days before Christmas mean also that merry-making and festive celebrations are near? This is probably the meaning for many, especially kids.

Most kids will probably get excited about parties and gifts they will receive on Christmas. And there are only 100 days before I get my most desired new toy gadget or doll or bicycle. That's what 100 days before Christmas may mean for some kids. For adults, they may also expect such gifts. Most will probably look forward to exchanging gifts and partying with friends. For some it will be a holiday vacation in some tourist spot. For business men, it means more income. For establishment owners like restaurants and hotels, it means more costumers and visitors. But not all will have a happy expectation to the 100 days before Christmas.

The less privileged will probably be reminded again of their miserable condition 100 days from now. The poor will most likely receive some "gifts" from good-hearted people 100 days from now. Some of the needy will think it is just another party day for the rich. But for most of the marginalized, 100 days from now will not matter - it will just be any ordinary day. But for religious people, it may mean something.

What does 100 days before Christmas mean for religious people? For Muslims? Probably not so much religious-wise. How about for Christians? What does 100 days before Christmas mean for Christians? If their answer is similar to those above, what makes Christians different from others? Is it a preparation for a church activity? Is it a countdown to the Christmas Camp? Or the number of days left to practice for the Christmas cantata? Or is it the number of days left before celebration of the birthday of Jesus? But why need to count? Would 100 days vs 99 days make a difference? So what if there is only 1 day left before Christmas? Does it matter? If it does matter for Christians, so what does 100 days before Christmas mean? Or maybe, it does not!

How about you, what does 100 days before Christmas mean?


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