Monday, September 2, 2013

Where is The Longest Birthday Celebrations

Have you ever wondered where is the longest birthday celebrations held?
The Philippines will have to own that distinction. The Philippines is that country where the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated for almost four months.  My little kid is quick to remind me that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. And Christmas celebrations in the Philippines start as early as the "ber" months sets in.
Today is September 2. When I opened my radio this morning to listen to the morning news, I heard my station DZAS play my very first Christmas Song this year, "Feliz Navidad." Christmas songs in Septmeber. That is not unusual here in the Philippines. The "ber" months are associated with the rainy (typhoon) season plus the cold breeze of the air. Such is the atmosphere of the cold nights of Christmas. So one can say, the cold breeze of Christmas is now felt on the air this early in September. That cold breeze will continue until the months of December, even early January.
 So, from the "ber" months starting this September, until the last days of Christmas on January, people will be celebrating Christmas. Most Filipinos don't mind. We shouldn't. Especially if we really believe in our hearts that we must not only celebrate Christmas during December 25 but we must make everyday feel like Christmas. Now, that will leave us with a year long birthday celebration.

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