Monday, November 18, 2013

Update 6 on Supertyphoon Haiyan

Update 6 - Different local United Methodist Churches in the Philippines has helped in responding to affected church members and fellow Filipinos in general. Donations in cash and in kind were sent to the Office of the Bishop in their respective Episcopal Areas and through UMCOR Philippines.

Even little children during their Sunday Schools are helping in their own little way by inspiring and praying for all the victims. A little inspiration can be very big as the government has stepped up efforts to address the mental health and psychosocial concerns of the affected population. A local reported shared how a father has been frequenting for 5 days now and wandering aimlessly in the same street in downtown Tacloban while crying and shouting several names (probably his children). Another young woman was noted to be circling around the rubble of her house while half-naked, dirty and in obvious state of shock. No one seems to take notice of them as most people are scrambling for whatever food and water is available in the area.

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