Monday, November 25, 2013

Update 9 on Supertyphoon Haiyan

Update 9 - More than two weeks have passed since Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines. Many have contributed to the relief work in Tacloban. Some have courageously went to the field to help. Most have contributed to fund raising cmpaings. One way or another, helped has been offered. Thank you. But after the relief efforts in the previous days has been done, the real work in rebuilding begins.

The government has now transitioned to the early recovery phase of the affected areas. It comes at a time when relief teams are starting to leave the area, when most medical missions are over and the media has started to shift focus on other equally important news topics. But the internally displaced people still needs support. The affected areas still needs help as they rehabilitate. This is where community development organizations from the religious groups, CSOs and other individuals make a great impact (and oftentimes away from the limelight).

If you feel called to help in this rehab phase please contact Office of the Bishop- DEA or UMCOR.

Photos by Rev. Bayani Alkuino

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