Saturday, December 19, 2009

Simbang Gabi: Fourth

Fourth Simbang Gabi. I finally had some company. We weren't late too. A pastor was preaching, so we were not subjected to testimonies and speeches (no offense but I have a strong theology about homiletics). The preacher opened with a complaint about not having the luxury to choose the text and the focus of the message. Although it was more of an opening line than a real complaint, it made me reflect back on the significance of Simbang Gabi. I tend to simplify things, so indulge me if I say, Simbang Gabi is but watchful waiting for the coming and birth of Jesus. The question leads to another, how do we wait for Jesus through a worship service? I remembered the time when we were waiting for my first son to be born. We were all waiting but there was no real activity designed for the waiting. We talked about how to take care of the baby. How to become good parents. How Nea will behave as a big sister. When he was about to be born, I was at bedside watching for the signs that he is coming. On the other hand, my daughter and family were outside waiting too. While waiting, my daughter entertained them. We were ready for the new baby but we are still waiting until he comes. We were anticipating and we were hopeful. The same goes while waiting for Christmas. If Christmas is the time where hope, peace, joy and love comes to reign then we prepare for it by practicing how to do it. We give hope, share peace, bring joy and love others even as we await Christmas.

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