Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day

AIDS has just become a byword in this medically oriented world. When people talk about AIDS people talk about the virus and how it can be transmitted and how it can be avoided. Of course those are important topics. But people seem to forget about the person with AIDS. It is not that people cannot put a face to the disease but rather again because of the too much medical emphasis on the disease.

As we observe World AIDS Day let us remember the persons affected by it and the families that suffer with them. Let us pray for them that they may have strength and hope in their time of trials. That they may feel the love of God through the people around that care and support them and with the concern of all the people. Let us make this day not just a day to educate people about the disease but rather a moment where we can show our solidarity with PWA who are our brothers and sisters.

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