Monday, December 21, 2009

Simbang Gabi: Sixth

I can get used to this. Waking up early when everyone is asleep and getting ready ahead of everybody. The Simbang Gabi as a worship service is a good morning meal for the spirit.
It was not that I had a full stomach from the breakfast served by the Abrahams, the worship services were such blessings. The words of God and the songs awakened my soul. I went out of the church energized and renewed. Despite my handicap, I felt healthy and strong. This is what a worship does to our spirits. It gives us renewed strength to face the challenges and stresses of everyday life. We usually enter the church enveloped by a dark world but after each worship, we go out and see the light. The word of God gives light in this dark world and hope in this desperate times. It is our food for our souls. It keeps our spirits healthy and strong as we battle temptations everyday. The more we face battles, the more we need food. When one is hungry, one ask for more. And I am, so I will look forward to more food for my soul.

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