Thursday, July 26, 2012

Your Pastor is Crazy

Just for laughs, let me share you this.

In one group discussion I had with fellow pastors-to-be in seminary, we made fun about the need for pastors to have psychological tests. The logic behind the requirement was that only those who are mentally sound should be allowed to become Pastors. In that sense, no Pastoral candidate would pass their Psychological Test because only crazy people would want to be a pastor.

Who would want to work and sacrifice their time and energy for less than minimum wage? Only crazy people. Who would want to spend less time with their loved ones and more time with total strangers in hazardous hospitals and cold prison cells and still be unappreciated? Only crazy people. Who would want to spend an entire week reading books and write sermons to people who will not listen (if they would come to church) and be criticized for being sloppy? Only crazy people. Who would want to exert their effort, blood and sweat just to help another person and still be called ineffective? Crazy people. And who would spend their whole life SERVING others without expecting anything in return (indeed, they receive nothing/no pension when they retire)? Only crazy people.

Only crazy people who think as above can be pastors. They will not pass the psychological test. I guess I'm crazy. And if you want to talk to some more crazy person... go visit your Pastor. Hehehe...