Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Death of a Beloved Tita

When a family member dies, there is a loss of family history.

Family history are shared among members by a special relationship. When a family member dies, the relationships are broken and disrupted and there is left a gap in the history that will forever be empty.

We grieve for that loss.

But we praise God knowing that the loss is only ours but heaven's gain.

We will miss but we will cherish the memory.

We will grieve but we are hopeful that the promise of God in a life eternal is fulfilled.

For Tita Phoebe, God's love is greater than anything that you have suffered. The pain is no more, and there will be healing.

We love you, but God loves you more!

Love turns you upside Down

I was about to take a rest when I chanced upon an episode of Grey's Anatomy season 9. It must have been centuries ago since I last watched an episode of Grey's. The episode's plot was about the new interns going on their first 24 hours of duty. It was like watching Grey's and her gang when they were interns too. This takes us to memory lane when we were starting to realize our dream of becoming full pledged doctors.

I am with World Vision now as a health officer and I should expect that I will have less time to none of any clinical practice. But this week, we have a Children's Congress and me and another guy will be the medical team for the whole event. My partner in the medical team is a nurse but has not been clinically practicing for several years now. Seeing congress participants coming to us with complaints of cough to abdominal pain and different wounds reminds him of his first love - clinical work. However, he said, he has a new love and although he is reminded of his old love, he will not leave his new found love now.

We grow up and hope to become what we dreamed to be, for me that was being a doctor. A doctor in the hospital, practicing clinical medicine. But as we journey in life, things happen and our first love may not end up as our lasting love. Love does turn us upside down.

Sometimes, it is nice to remember your first love... once in a while.