About the blog

I am Neki Soriano or PasDoc Neki. I am an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church and a practicing Family Medicine doctor.

This blog is dedicated in providing new ideas and resources for church and faith-based organization leaders in their health ministries. I write on 2 things: theological perspectives on church health ministries as well as practical tips on how to do it. Many new churches today do not understand the complexities of the health system and the principles behind health programs. They need guidance in the current health programs they can complement and implement. At the same time, many churches do not have a good theological reflection in the ministries they do. They need to see why things need to be done in certain ways. I hope to bridge the gap between the two.

This blog consists of my own theological reflections and tips on primary health care programs. This should not be taken as official position of the UMC and other agencies I am involved. The posts are general guides to help leaders in the planning and implementation of their own health ministries. If there are inaccuracies in the blog, please inform me in the comment section so I can correct it.


The author assumes no legal responsibility and liability to any person or entity in relation to any loss or damage from the direct use of information from this blog. No warranties in any form or substance are being made by the author.  

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