Friday, January 26, 2018

What are your goals for the New Year 2018?

We start a new year 2018.

We have a new house. We live in a new subdivision. We have a new neighborhood.

We have a new member in the family. These are some of our accomplisments for 2017.

We have new goals. We have new dreams.

We are excited on what the new year brings. As we start the new year, we always plan. However, we know that our plan may not be God's perfect plan. Yet, we still pray that the desires of our heart will be granted. But we remain humble to bow according to God's will.

As we commit this new year to God, we also re-commit ourselves in obedience to God's will. We strive hard to do our best and leaving the rest to God's desire.

God is in control. We trust in what God has in store for us.