Monday, August 26, 2013

Ayaw ko sa baboy!

As we celebrate National Heroes Day, many of my fellow Filipinos keep the flame of heroism as they marched in major parks like Luneta to protest against the "Pork Barrel," or the Congress's PDAF. Although, we see the "pork barrel" as the symbol of corruption in the government, let us not forget the government officials who committed the sin. While we pray that they will change their ways, we also want them to take responsibility for their actions. Let us not forget the bigger picture behind the pork.

Pork barrel is not Napoles. "No to Pork barrel" is a fight against officials being corrupt. It is a fight against neglect to the needs of the common Filipinos. It is a stand against indifference to the ills of our society. It is an action against the evil ways that creeps into our daily lives.  

What better way to be a Filipino Hero today but to take a stand and declare AYAW KO SA BABOY!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Ninoy's death mean...

As we celebrate Ninoy Aquino’s 30th death anniversary, his words after his hunger strike echo in my head. He wrote to his wife, "there comes a time to a man's life when he had to prefer a meaningful death to a meaningless life."