Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to Celebrate Birthdays with Technology

I am often on travel. Because of technology people are more mobile than ever before. We can be from one corner of the world and to the other side in just a matter of hours. Technology is supposed to help us live a better life. Although technology can let you travel a great distance in a short time, technology can also bridge people together faster. Here is how I was able to celebrate my birthday with my family despite the great physical distance with them.

1. The good "old" e-mail

Yes, email may sound old but it is still relatively a new technology that brings people close together. The first birthday greeting I received today is through my email. And to prove to you that email is not an outdated technology, the emails I received are from my friends who are senior citizens. Of course, they still pride themselves to being abreast with modern life because they know how to use an email. E-mails like mails can be saved. And I love reading mails again and again even after years have gone.

2. Facebook

Facebook messages can bring your message across faster. The simple greetings in my posts are heartwarming. The FB posts are public, making any birthday announced publicly. Good for me, I am not home so I am saved from the usual dinner blowouts and parties. But it blesses me to receive greetings, wishes and prayers from family and friends. FB can make e-birthday celebrations.

3. Skype

Skype allows you to feel like you are with your loved ones. The first greeting I received on my birthday was a skype call from my wife. Skype gives the technology where I can talk to my wife and see her at the same time. What more, it is free. I can even talk to other family members simultaneously even if they are in different places. Even with a different timezone, our celebrations can happen at the same time. My family prepared a thanksgiving meal for me with a cake and they sang a birthday song and I can see and hear them. I even get to blow the cake.

Technology can really bring people closer together despite the physical distance. But sometimes, we only realize this when we are apart. So, the next time we are together with our family and friends, let us make sure we enjoy each others presence. There is nothing much comforting than being in the presence of your loved one. "And remember that I am always with you..." M

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