Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Health Minister

This new year's blog series will be about the Methodist people whom I have met every month and who have made great contributions to the church and to the society.

Early this month, I was invited to attend a planning activity of the Mary Johnston Hospital. Dr. Glenn Paraso, CEO of MJH, asked me to join this important activty.

I first met Dr. Glenn during the 2016 Central Conference in Pampanga. He had that very contagious smile and I easily felt comfortable with him. Dr. Glenn is a PK and I always had that special bond with PK because we have a common experience that only PKs understand.

Dr. Glenn is known in the civil society world as a climate health expert. His experience working with big CSOs like UN and WHO tells you the caliber of work of Dr. Glenn. But more than that, Dr. Glenn is really a health minister. His work as CEO of Mary Johnston Hospital leaves his mark as truly minister of healing.