Monday, July 29, 2013

Intensive Training

What is the importance of undergoing an orientation course? What more if there was an intensive course aside from that. Last July 22 until Aug 2, I attended a 2 week intensive training to know the foundations, principles and concepts behind this new Christian organization (CSO) I will be connected with. I thought of the importance of this training for the organization because I have to buy in to what they believe if I am going to be part of them. I remembered my confirmation class and the importance of it to those seeking membership to the United Methodist Church. You have to affirm the UMC principles and  beliefs or seek membership elsewhere.

The two weeks of Intensive Training helped me understood why they are intentional in their identity as Christians, what it means not to proselytize and commit spiritual abuse. More than that, I learned the dynamics that helped me understood their business process. At the end of the day, the question needs to be asked... if you buy them then you abide by them. If not, you are free to walk away. It reminds me of the early Methodist dictum, "Easy to become a Methodist, difficult to remain one." I wondered if how many among United Methodist today underwent confirmation class.

The confirmation class would have taught the polity of the United Methodist Church. What it meant to be global, episcopal and local and the importance of it in the life and ministry of the church. It would have instilled the meaning of "sacred trust" to all the properties of the church. If all United Methodist went through the confirmation class and really understood this, they would have the chance to accept or reject it and pursue their membership in the UMC. Otherwise, they can serve Christ in other venues. Me thinks, this calls for an advocacy to intensify and be intentional in our church membership procedure.

It made me wonder, and I really want to do an evidenced-based  research on this, "How many among the leaders of the AIMP underwent confirmation class?"   Just a thought!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hupakouo is obedience

Last Monday, July 15, 2013, I was privileged to share with the World Vision staff a story about obedience to God.

Below is the link to the presentation:

Obeying is God is "hupakouo". It is listening to God's voice and submitting to God's will. It is a task we need to intentionally do every day as we journey in our faith. Obedience to God is the mark of a mature Christian. We obey God because we love God. John 14:15 reminds us that. When we obey God, we move closer towards Christ-likeness and Christian perfection. There we will experience shalom!