Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Jesus

Whose birthday is it anyway? Who is receiving the gift?

We often get lost in all the festivities. That is a common reflection we get during Christmas. It is always good that we get reminders that we keep Christ in Christmas.

But one common problem we tend to neglect during Christmas is the gift giving. We often have exchange gifts as part of our Christmas celebrations. We received gifts... big... small... food... novelties... wish list... dream gift... and more. We even enjoy wrapping the gifts we will give to loved ones.

How excited must have been the Father who was getting ready to wrap the gift He will give to save the world. That gift is more precious than any other gift in the world. That gift is wrapped when we received it. The gift is wrapped in baby clothing. Have we dared open the gift? Have we unwrapped the gift God has given us? Again, we have put Christmas about us. We have focused on the gift that WE will receive from God.

Whose birthday is it anyway? Who should be receiving the gift? Who should be giving the gift?