Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Noah and the Flood

It has been raining for several days now here in Luzon and there is no typhoon. Rain day and night. Water is rising. Flood everywhere. This is how Noah and the people must have felt during those times it was raining and floodwater was rising. Beyond the theological point of the flood, I want to know how the people felt at that time. I want us to consider what we feel right now that rain is pouring and we are flooded.

What do we feel? Are we scared? Are we bothered? Are we happy? Are we gloomy? What are we feeling during these time?

I feel helpless.

And I wonder if what we feel right are the same emotions that run through the hearts of the people and Noah? Can we find a connection with Noah and his emotions? But how did Noah cope up? What was the promise he was holding that kept him going? What attitude did he exhibit? What kind of faith did he have? Can we have the same faith during this time? Can we hold on to the same promise of hope? Is not Noah's God the same God that we worship? We know the story of Noah and we know that at the end of the flood is a rainbow. I may feel down with all these rain and flood just like Noah and his family did. But I know that Noah's story ended happily and his emotions were high. I look forward to that day, when I will see a rainbow. And I know I will know how Noah felt when he stepped on dry ground.