Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas over the years

Christmas celebrations are homecoming. When we were kids, we always go back to Cagayan de Oro for Christmas coz that is the hometown of my Dad. Christmas was like a homecoming where everybody comes back for a family reunion. My cousins and I had a great time spending the holidays together. It is one of only 2 occasions (the other is summer) in the year where we hang out and just spend time together. After several years, we have grown. And in the last couple of years we were not able to have our Christmas homecoming simple because our families have grown and moved to other places. Some of my cousins have migrated abroad. Some of us are deployed in far areas because of work.

This year, we have a great get together. This time, it is in Davao City where most of us are based. We have a simple celebration but a meaningful one. Just like the birth of Jesus, people from different places - the shepherds, the wisemen, came to a common place to celebrate the birth of a King. Our family members may come from different places but every Christmas, we gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Merry Christmas.