Monday, July 3, 2017

Wife's Birthday

Today is my wife's birthday. She had gone through a lot... but she remains faithful.

Whenever people celebrate their birthdays, we always think about how our life here on earth is a gift from God... that life is given to us. It is not our own and we remain to be always grateful to the Supreme Being who had given us this opportunity to experience this wonderful thing called life.

Thus, when we encounter illness that seems to threaten the life... the gift that was given to us, we wonder if it was ever given to us wholeheartedly for us to enjoy or not. We ask if life was really given as a gift or with conditions? We try to comprehend the sense of life in the midst of illness. Why give life if life could not be fully lived? And then we pause.

Are we privileged enough to deserve anything? If life was indeed a gift, then do we have demand that the gift be given according to our standards? Can we be choosy?