Sunday, July 5, 2015

What makes Health Promotion programs in churches successful?

The Bible is replete with stories and messages about taking care of our physical health. Jesus ministering and healing the sick shows us the importance of health in our life. Throughout history, Christians have been on the forefront of promoting good health among people. Today, health promotion in churches is arguably the best health ministry local churches can implement. It is cost-efficient, sustainable and effective program available. But not all programs will become successful. 
There are certain elements that makes a health promotion in churches successful. A research done by Jane Peterson et al (Peterson, 2002) in 2002 reviewed the literature on health promotion and identified seven elements that made the program achieve its intended goals. They were able to identify the following elements of a successful health promotion ministry:
1.       Partnerships
2.       Positive health values
3.       Availability of services
4.       Access to church facilities
5.       Community-focused interventions
6.       Health behavior change
7.       Supportive social relationships

As the church year starts this month and ministry planning coming, take time to consider these elements. Reviewing our existing health ministries and ensuring these elements are present can help us achieve the desired outcomes of our programs. 


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