Monday, July 14, 2014

Three Messages That Tells Me My President is Arrogant

Tatlong mensahe na nakuha ko sa DAP explanation ni PNoy. Three things that I heard from what PNoy said about his DAP explanation.

1.       “Presidente ako, kaya puede ko gastusin ang pera ng kahit sino”
-          The President can use and transfer the use of any savings from other appropriated budget according to the Administrative Order he has cited. It doesn’t matter whose money is it, the Philippine president is the most powerful person in the country and so he can touch and use anybody’s money whenever he wants to. It doesn’t matter if it was indeed appropriated and approved by congress, the president can appropriate the money according to his own budget. After all, DAP is not PDAF. According to PNoy, hindi naman pumunta sa NGO ni Napoles ang DAP kaya magkaiba yun sa PDAF. Regardless if the budget were diverted illegally, napunta naman sa mabuti kaya OK lang na i-manipulate ang budget appropriations.

2.       “Mali sila, dahil tama ako.”
-          The Supreme Court is wrong in their decision for the simple reason that they do not agree with the President’s interpretation of the law. It implies that only and only the President’s understanding and interpretation of the law is the correct interpretation. Any other interpretation by the 13 magistrates who have dedicated their lives in studying and upholding the law are definitely mistakes. I can even hear the threat to the SC, when he said “gusto nila ng personalan.” I will not wonder if another “Corona Impeachment” will happen to any of the justices sometime soon.

3.       “It’s okay to disobey the law, as long as your intentions are good.”
-          Obviously, for PNoy, the end justifies the means. Yes, even if it means breaking the law. Using the example of parking on a “no parking zone,” PNoy justifies that even if DAP was deemed illegal, it is still to be lauded for the good intentions of the program. We should not wait for another two years following proper procedure to use the money saved. Forget the bureaucratic procedure. It is okay to disobey the law, as long as one aims to help the needy. It is okay to beat the traffic light because you are rushing to help another. It is okay to steal, because you will give the money to the poor. It is okay to kill a person because you will save the innocent. I can hear PNoy shout at me saying, “Let us forget the law and order, and do what is convenient in the guise of doing good towards a matuwid na daan.”