Monday, September 25, 2017

Martial Law

September is usually remembered in the Philippines as the Month when Martial Law was declared.

Different sectors are planning to stage a rally on the anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law. But the government is quick to tolerate the rally. This is a big difference to the usual response of the government years before.

What would be great to remember on this day? Two sides argue. The benefits that we gained from the declaration. The inhumanities and crimes committed during the declaration. There will always be two sides.

History will be decided by those who write it. What power is left then to the readers of history?

God has been a witness to this page of our country's history. God obviously played a big role before, during and especially at the end of the Martial Law. How does Christian will understand this story in relation to their faith? Was it good or bad? Do we take a pessimistic or optimistic view?

Waiting for the news story... history to unfold...