Friday, September 14, 2007

Dilemma: Theology and Medicine

I have always been troubled by my situation. I am a medical doctor studying to earn an M.Divinity degree. Or what my friends would describe as a student of Science learning about Religion. What may seem weird and contradicting about this is the popular idea that Science is a school of logic and reason while Religion deals with mysticism and supernatural. But I always believed that at some point, Theology and Medicine intersect one another. In the first place, the mission work of Jesus included healing the sick and preaching God's message. In any case, Jesus was giving this broken world a hope of new life. Both Science and Theology have the same object - human body [and soul]. But what about the human body? Is it the physical body? The mind? Could they only have dialogue in Bioethics? Practices of caring? As I continue my theological journey, I hope and pray that God will open my mind to know the answers.

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Nathan said...

I'm currently a sophomore undergraduate also interested in the intersection of theology and medicine. As of now, I have declared theology as my area of study, but I am pursuing a career in medicine. I'd love to read more about what you have found regarding the crossover of medicine and theology. I, too, wonder if ethics is the only dialogue between the two. I feel as if there is something more, yet that something is of a personal value -- not necessarily something academia is interested in.